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The Beer

Thirsty Messiah has a very large number or taps for a brewery venue. The ethos behind this is the ability to host many guest taps, have a large range of our own beer and a limited number of taps for house made beverages other than beer. This allows Thirsty Messiah to provide plenty of choice for all our patrons. With 40 taps there are endless possibilities.

We will always brew a broad range of styles from traditional German beers to new and experimental styles. 

"I just want to open a brewery and make beer, I am just a home brewer. We'll be experimenting with our own beers, I don't like being constrained by having to go to a single supplier for my hops and grains, and do the standard dozen or so beers. I plan on covering a pretty wide gambit - we have found that the people in Newcastle like a bit of choice" 

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