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The Brewery

Our Story

Thirsty Messiah is the work of self-confessed home brewer Thomas Delgatto and his wife Libby. Having not produced beer commercially prior to Thirsty Messiah, Thomas wants to maintain the mantle of a home brewer, and when you visit Thirsty Messiah, it truly does feel as though you've entered a massive home brewery. 

Leaving the public service in August 2019, Thomas spent time trying to work out what his next steps were, with the idea of a brewery always in the back of his mind.


"It's been something I've been wanting to do for a while. I've got 6 taps at home and a smoker out the back and I regularly have 20, 30, or even 50 people around the home. Hospitality has always been in the genes, not sure why it's just something I enjoy doing."


The Brewhouse

The brewhouse is a 10 hectolitre three vessel direct gas fired system, controlled from either of two touch panels, one on the brew deck and one on the brewery floor. The panel controls 43 pneumatic valves, 5 pumps, 3 400mj burners and 2 solenoid valves for controlling the flow of gas and liquids in the brewing process.

The Fermenter Farm

The fermenter farm consists of four 20 hectolitre fermenters, two 20 hectolitre bright tanks and two 10 hectolitre fermenters. The temperature of the fermentation is controlled from the touch screen panels.

Ancillary Equipment

To support the brewery, there is a range of ancillary equipment including a grain mill to crack grains ready for brewing, an auger to deliver cracked grain, a dual head keg washer, brewery hoses and pumps, laboratory equipment and two small pilot breweries & ferementers.

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